About me

I’m Dan. A general contractor living in Tennessee. I’ve spent years in the construction and remodeling business, learning everything I know from my time working as an apprentice under a master carpenter.

In additions to woodworking, I still have a career as a drywall contractor because some folks would rather just pay the extra to have it done professionally, but it seems in recent years the DIY crowd is going rapidly. Homeowners are trying things for themselves, to gain experience, knowledge and save hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars.

I hope not only to bring a sense of professionalism to my web pages, but ultimately resulted in helping out the people who come wanting to know everything about drywall.

Through this process, I’m looking to find others in the same field as myself with the hope of developing some online relationships within our web community.

Lastly, I’m good with my hands, but not as skilled with running a web site. If you have any questions, concerns or advice, feel free to email me.

Thanks for visiting,
Dan the Drywall Man