Orange Peel Drywall Texture 101

Most of us choose to decorate our walls with art and other little knick knacks, but what about the actual texture of the wall itself?

There is nothing in the design rulebook that says you have to leave your walls flat and bland, with many actually believing that the opposite should be the case. With that in mind, there are a number of different drywall techniques that can liven up your walls in no time flat.

What is an Orange Peel Drywall Texture?

One of the most popular of those techniques is known as orange peel and the final look and feel of that style is exactly as you would imagine.

If you have ever held an orange in your hand, then you are probably well aware of the unique feel of the skin, which is exactly how your walls will feel when the job is done.

How to Get the Orange Peel Texture Look?

Orange Peel Drywall TextureThe good news is that this is a technique that can be achieved without the aid of a professional drywall guy, but it’s still tricky enough that you probably shouldn’t go it alone if you are a total drywall newbie. Before getting started with this technique, you will want to be sure that your walls are completely taped and mudded if they are new. Older wall should have all holes and cracks repaired before getting under way. You also want to make sure that you have a texture gun attached to an air compressor and ready at the recommended settings.

In order to get the correct consistency that you need, you should add your pre-mixed compound into a bucket and then add water to it using a sponge. Make sure to continually mix the combination as you do so until you have reached the desired consistency. It is then as simple as adding the mix to the hopper and spraying onto the wall. For the cleanest results, work in a left to right motion from the ceiling to the floor. It’s worth noting that the pressure you use will create different splatter effects, so be sure to test your settings on a piece of cardboard to be sure that you have the exact look that you want for your walls.

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