How To Cut Drywall

There is no denying that drywall is a particularly tricky material to deal with. Try to pick it up on your own and you are likely to tweak a major muscle in your back, but drop it from a small height and it will break apart. It is equal parts sturdy and fragile which can […]

How to Finish Drywall

It’s easy to engage in a series of hoots, hollers, and high fives once the last piece of drywall has been hung in your renovated room, but you really have to calm down and realize that the job isn’t anywhere near completion.It’s fine to be excited, especially if what you have just finished is your […]

How to Install Sheetrock (Drywall)

There is a great deal of pride to be had by owning your own home, but try as you might to maintain that level of pride, the time invariably comes when things start to go wrong. Nothing in this world is designed to last forever, which when you talk about the home translates to improvement […]

How to Hang Sheetrock (Drywall)

Learning how to hang sheetrock, or drywall as it is more commonly known, is a job that many people believe should be done by the professionals. The reality is that the actual hanging isn’t that difficult and it usually the taping and mudding where things can get a little sticky, if you’ll pardon the pun. […]

How to Texture Drywall

If you’ve ever been completely bored out of your mind and have caught yourself staring aimlessly at the wall in your home, then you may have noticed that they are more than just a little bland. We tend to put a lot of thought into decorating by hanging pictures and artwork, but other than paint, […]

Drywall Taping

I’ve always enjoyed the drywall taping part of a project. It’s lot like the eye of a storm. A nice calm from the back-breaking heavy lifting that takes place while securing drywall panels, but, soon after taping the dusty, back-and-forth sanding process that no one enjoys takes place. Nevertheless, taping is an extremely important step […]

Install Drywall Ceiling

If you have to install both the ceiling and walls in a room, always attach the drywall panels to the ceiling first. By doing that first, the wall panels will help support the rim of the ceiling – giving some extra strength. Before you get started, grab a friend, because installing drywall ceiling requires two […]