How to Texture Drywall

If you’ve ever been completely bored out of your mind and have caught yourself staring aimlessly at the wall in your home, then you may have noticed that they are more than just a little bland.

We tend to put a lot of thought into decorating by hanging pictures and artwork, but other than paint, very little thought seems to go into making something a little more exciting out of the wall itself. The next time you think about re-modeling or trying something different, then you may want to try adding a little texture to your drywall.

You might very well believe that putting some sort of texture on your drywall is something that is out of your element, but with a little patience you might just be able to make your interior look great. There are a number of different techniques that you can employ to get different looks and textures, which can help really add character and charm to a room.

Here are just a few that you might want to try out.

Slap Brush Drywall Texture

Slap Brush Drywall Texture

The benefit of using this method is that it can be done on walls that have already been painted, making it perfect if you have been in your home a while and just feel like a little change of wall scenery.

After spraying the plaster onto the wall, you will want to do as the name suggests and slap the brush against the plaster. For the best effect you should soak the brush in water for up to 30 minutes before starting the process. The finished effect should look as though your wall has grown a skin, which can be equal parts creepy and cool.

Spanish Drag Drywall Texture

Slap Brush Drywall Texture

This method may make you think of a bullfighter in a dress, but it’s actually a method that will leave your walls looking great if done properly. Once again the plaster is sprayed onto the wall, only this time it’s allowed to set. Once it has done that, you need to take a large trowel and start spreading the texture to create the pattern.

This is one of the more detailed methods of texturing, so if it’s a look you are really set on it might be worthwhile paying a pro to do it.

Orange Peel Drywall Texture

Slap Brush Drywall Texture

While the orange peel texture may sound like one of the easiest finishes to do, it’s actually one of the more difficult. It all comes down to the mixture of the plaster, and if you get it just right you will be left with a look that feels exactly like the skin of an orange, and which should last a lifetime when applied correctly using a quality texture gun.

There are many more different textures that can make your wall staring experience a little more exciting and it’s worth heading to your local hardware store to get an idea of how each texture looks and feels before settling on one. There is great satisfaction to be had by doing the job alone, especially if you take the time to learn how to texture drywall, properly.