How to Skim Coat Drywall

Now, there’s a couple different ways to approach when you skim coat a ceiling or walls. You can either skim only the seams and corners or you can do it the right way and apply a thin skim coat to the entire surface area, all while taping off seams and corners after you apply the […]

Drywall Sanders

Many folks forget that once drywall has been hung, the job has just begun. Now it’s ready to receive a few slaps of paint, or a coating of some garish flowery wallpaper, but the truth is that the job is only partially done. There is still the job of taping the seams, and then mudding […]

How to Wet Sand Drywall (Dust Free)

Sanding is always the part of drywall repair or installation that I dread. Usually, I’ll grab packs of sand paper, a dust respirator and old clothes to begin the long messy and at times hazardous for those with breathing issues process of finishing out a job. However, a few years back, I learned a technique […]