Drywall Ceiling Textures

There are literally thousands of tips to help insomniacs get to sleep at night, but very few of those mention simply staring at your ceiling. Let’s face it, the average homes drywall ceiling textures are so bland that it is likely to turn you into a slack-jawed, snoring fool in no time at all. That […]

How to Texture a Ceiling

There aren’t very many of us who walk around in our homes and spend any amount of time looking up. That may explain why the ceiling is the one part of the home that is almost considered to be something of an afterthought. It’s oftentimes not until we wake up from being passed out on […]

Drywall Ceiling Repair

When we hang around in our homes, we seldom take the time to look up, but it’s actually something we should be doing on a regular basis. Damage to the ceiling can end up being a costly repair, but if we spot the signs of problems early on, we can save a bunch of time […]

Install Drywall Ceiling

If you have to install both the ceiling and walls in a room, always attach the drywall panels to the ceiling first. By doing that first, the wall panels will help support the rim of the ceiling – giving some extra strength. Before you get started, grab a friend, because installing drywall ceiling requires two […]