Drywall Mud Calculator

We have three major types of drywall compound to choose from; lightweight joint compound, quick set joint compound and the all purpose compound. They have different advantages for different jobs and range in price as well as application.

The quick set drywall compound allows of better time management on quicker jobs, while lightweight compound is an easy apply or sand alternative and all purpose is the best choice for any texture work since it tends to hold up better. For whatever project you plan on tackling, you need to have a good estimate for materials so that you can budget accordingly. The drywall mud calculator does just that. It allows you to enter your square footage and know exactly how much mudding you’ll need to get the job done right.

What is your coverage area?

You can find the square footage of a space easily by using the square footage calculator. All you need is a pencil, paper, measuring tape and a couple simple equations.

in square feet

Select your drywall panel size

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Total panels needed to finish your project:

total panels


Drywall Mud:

Ready-Mixed joint compound
Lightweight ready-mixed all purpose joint compound
Setting-Type (quick-drying) joint compound
Lightweight Setting-Type joint compound

Types of Fasteners:

Drywall Nails
Drywall Screws

You Will Also Need:

Drywall Joint Tape
Primer (to seal drywall)