Drywall Lifts

The relative simplicity of hanging drywall makes it one home renovation chore that a good number of folks are willing to take on alone. That sort of enthusiasm is to be applauded, but there seems to be one thing that a good many of those do it yourself types seem to forget when it comes to drywall…

It’s heavy!

A standard sheet of drywall, which measures in at 4’ by 8’ foot by 1/2″ comes in at around 50 plus pounds, which is a lot more than the average bloke can be expected to lug around, without doing some permanent muscle damage, or developing a curvature of the spine. Not something you want.

Drywall Lifts, Lazy Lifter

Now imagine if the drywall job that you are about to embark on includes hanging that on the ceiling. Unless you are expecting the cast of The Expendables to come over and assist you on the job, there is a pretty good chance that you are going to need some sort of mechanical help. Even the pros understand the need for assistance, as it can severely cut down on labor costs, given that the job can be completed in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

That help comes in the form of drywall lifts, or panel hoist as it is sometimes referred too. It’s a simple piece of equipment to operate, but one that will save you money and spinal fluid over the long haul. The basic models can easily handle the standard sized sheets of drywall, but when you need to go for a larger panel, and then you will have to go with a lift that has been outfitted with outriggers that can extend out to lend additional support to the panel. All the lifts come on wheels so that the unit can be easily moved from one area of the room to another.

Price for Drywall Lifts

Most professional contractors now use drywall lifts as a standard part of their operation, with many opting for a collapsible version that will fit nicely inside their van or truck. And no one does drywall lift and hoist better than Pentagon. They’ve become well know in the field as creating the single best drywall products, namely the “Lazy Lifter” is awesome.

But, if you are just looking at doing a little bit of home renovation, then drywall lift rental is available from your local hardware store, with the price coming in around $20-$30 per day, which is a lot less, than you would pay to bring in Sly Stallone and The Expendables gang, unless, you plan on renting it for a week or two, if so, you’ll be better off looking for decent drywall lifts around $150-$200.

A small price to pay to avoid pulling your back.